Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Taking a breath

There's another book on the pile of books I'd like to read. You might think that a librarian would have time to read a book once in a while. The trouble is that information overload effects us too. Today I had to make several attempts to read one short email. It was the sort of day when your interruptions get interrupted. That's why I'm blogging now. Just occasionally I need to

  • stop

  • breathe

  • think

then dive back into the flow again. I think that's one of the main things I get out of blogging - the opportunity for just a few moments reflection now and again.


CW said...

You're referring to the book, Naked Conversations, Alison? It's an interesting read!

Alison Williams said...

That's the one! I meant to take it home at the weekend to read but forgot, so I read a biography of Spike Milligan instead, which I think was almost certainly more interesting, much as I like work related reading.

I've not worked out a way of making Spike work related. Not yet anyway... :)