Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reading about Library 2.0

I try, when I can, to fit some professional reading into my working day. (I'm a librarian for goodness sake why should I, of all people, feel guilty about being seen reading - as if it isn't 'real work'!?)

Something I've noticed lately is that I'm finding more of interest in online and open access journals than I am in the print journals we subscribe to, and occasionally I come across an article that is even worth blogging about, like this one from Webology on that complex mix of things that is often referred to as 'Library 2.0'.

It suggests that one of the greatest challenges for libraries, (and I'd imagine it's the same for all organisations) is that of giving up control over the virtual environment and being open to involvement from, and participation by, the whole community.

What would happen if we let students add tags to our catalogue records, chat online, contribute to wiki's, take part in podcasts? Would it be anarchy and chaos? Or might it be fun?

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