Thursday, September 14, 2006

Conference : The International Learner: Enhancing the student experience.

I was lucky enough to spend the last two days out of the office at a conference put on by the Business School. We were looking at the international student experience. This left me mulling over the usefulness of generalisations. It can be useful, in terms of providing services, to know that students from other parts of the world may be more likely to have problems with this or that or the other thing, but generalisations are positively unhelpful if we start trying to apply them to individuals. No one likes to be treated as a 'type' rather than as a person.

Something else it left me mulling over is that no one else in the world seems to like English food.

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CW said...

Not liking English food?? I dunno about that: what about fish and chips... roast beef and Yorkshire pudding... steak and kidney pie...