Monday, February 18, 2008


I saw a presentation the other evening by Metaverse Evangelist Roo Reynolds from IBM. He certainly lived up to the job title!

Key points that I picked up on were...
  • Virtual Worlds (VWs) are about people, they're fundamentally social spaces
  • The average age of people in Second Life is around 34
  • What Second Life has over some other VWs is user generated content
  • Its ok to start small - send in a few explorers
  • Things in VWs can be ephemeral - its easy to build and to destroy
  • Do we want to replicate the real world? Or be creative with the posssibilities of VWs?
  • It's not just Second Life, watch out for new worlds
  • Watch out for the real metaverse - joined up VWs!

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