Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Courses, courses, courses!

One of the things I have found this blog excellent for is keeping track of the various courses, conferences and training sessions that I attend. I can look back and remind myself of what I did when and any key points I might want to act on in future.

I've not been blogging much lately due to the usual excuses of pressure of work/life etc and I would like to get back into the habit. This week seems like a good time to do it as I have training events on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Monday's was a course in supervisory skills. Today and Wednesday I get my first sessions on the rather interesting shiny new system that we're getting to replace our old library catalogue. Then on Thursday I'm off to London to a course on library induction where I will be presenting on our approach and, hopefully, doing a bit of what Tom Peters calls 'creative swiping' - being inspired by other people's ideas.

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