Saturday, July 12, 2008

Conference: BBSLG

The BBSLG is the British Business Schools' Librarians' Group (although a name change is under consideration and I hope the new one puts less of a strain on my ability to use apostrophes correctly!)

The conference this year was looking at something called 'OurSpace'. It's always interesting in creative writing exercises to see how different people interpret the same theme, and this applies to conference themes too. One speaker saw space as implying boundaries and asked us to think about where our work boundaries are, a couple looked at physical spaces, and another talked about managing our own personal head-space.

Of the keynote speakers the one I most enjoyed was Michael Comyn on stress and resilience. How could I not like a session that referred to entrainment? (As in the Van Morrison song!)

The members sharing sessions - short presentations on current projects and issues - are a regular feature of the BBSLG conference and one of the best bits, giving everyone a chance to find out more about whats happening in other places. This year we presented on Second Life which, it seems, is a space few business schools are as yet exploring.

The best news was that the BBSLG website is getting an upgrade to web 2.0!

The biggest disappointment had to be the very poor internet facilities in the hotel.

On returning home I was happy to find that the herring gull chicks I've been watching for the last few weeks had not fledged while I was away. They've been trying their wings today - lifting them up, catching the wind and hovering, then dropping back onto the roof. They'll be off and away soon.

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