Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Business librarians - talking in the library!

It's always interesting to compare notes with people doing similar jobs in different places. Which is what we got a chance to do today, as we hosted a meeting for business librarians from around the local area. As we discovered, 'business' can mean a variety of things, including or not including law, economics, social science, hospitality, advertising and more subject areas.

This was a first meeting of its kind, and so was a fairly general discussion of current issues in the business librarianship field. Subject areas that seem to be of general interest for possible future meetings were induction, ebooks and training (which is lucky as these are some of my particular interests - did I influence this too much I wonder?!)

Being part of the blogosphere has helped me to feel in touch with issues in the international librarian community, but it can sometimes be harder to keep up with what's happening locally! I hope we can make these meetings a regular thing.

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