Thursday, March 09, 2006

A reflective sort of post

It was an 'out of the comfort zone' sort of day today. I think it was good for me, but I wouldn't like it to happen too often. No one bit of it would have been a problem on it's own, but all on the same day was a bit of a challenge.

There was a re-validation of a course in one of my subject areas, which meant that in the morning I showed some of the visiting panel around the library and talked to them about the resources we have in the relevant subject areas. After this a colleague and I gave a presentation about the way we manage our library induction to a group of visitors. Part of the 'out of the comfort zone' of this was that we made a few last minute changes to the slides, (changing some quotes around and adding sound clips!) which is not something I would normally have the nerve to do just before a presentation. It definitely did improve it though, so was worth it. Then there was a short break for lunch and then we did another presentation, this one on Web 2.0/Library 2.0, and what it might mean for us, to some of our own library staff.

Standing up and presenting is a part of the job I enjoy much more than I used to (there was a time when I cringed at the thought of it and didn't enjoy it at all) but it's still not my favourite thing in the world. I would not like to be a lecturer. I generally get more satisfaction from working away quietly in the background to make sure everything is in place for people to come along and take the library resources for granted!

Which is what I hope to go back to doing, except for one small group training session, next week.

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