Saturday, July 01, 2006

eLit 2006 - black hat

I got back from the eLit 2006 conference yesterday and am trying to get some thoughts down in writing as soon as possible. I know that if I go back to my scribbled notes in a week's time I'll end up frowning at them, wondering what on earth I meant. After two or three weeks, if I haven't followed up an idea and done something about it then, realistically, I probably won't ever get around to it. After a conference or training session it's easy enough to be enthusiastic and full of ideas, but doing something about it is another thing.

I want to sort out which of all the many ideas that were discussed would be the most practical to take forward. I know that some, if not most, would involve collaboration with others who have the necessary skills to enable things to actually happen and won't be practical without that. I know that my time is limited and if I try to do too much I'll risk failing to complete anything. I think I ought to set myself a deadline of one month to prioritise things I want to take forward and actually do something about them.

Having blogged that thought, of course it's now date stamped and I can't easily wriggle out of it!

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