Saturday, July 01, 2006

eLit 2006 - yellow hat

eLit 2006 was a very positive experience. It's encouraging to know that I'm part of a profession that can put on events like this where there are not just librarians present but a mix of different people who all have an interest in e-literacy issues. It's good that we can look beyond the boundaries of our traditional roles and think about new ways of working for everyones benefit.

The experience of presenting a paper has helped me extend the boundaries of my comfort zone. I can't say "I couldn't do that" any more, because now I've done it!

There were a huge number of ideas generated by the various sessions, as well as by conversations over breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would be good to make use of some of these ideas. I need to set aside some time at work in the next couple of weeks to go through my notes and extract the best ideas, and to share them with colleagues.

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